Film chase sequences? no problem!!

Film chase sequences? No problem!! - you'd be surprised what we can do

an ITV re-enactment of an operation by UK soldiers in Afghanistan

Cars in camera was recently asked to supply vehicles that would be appropriate for Afghanistan. We delivered a motorbike and a suitably aged four wheel vehicle to the quarry, where ITV were filming a re-enactment of an operation in Afghanistan to enter in the Sun Newspaper Military Awards.

Our precision driver was surprised when, after the delivery, he was directed to wardrobe to be kitted out in suitable costume including robes and dishdasha then asked to take part in a chase sequence fleeing an armoured vehicle!!

He was subsequently captured by one of the soldiers from the tank who was on foot and unarmed and it was then discovered that the captive was a very high ranking Taliban officer!!

The soldier won a Sun award for his efforts and the whole awards show was screened on TV - so we now have a TV star among our drivers!

Although we didn't supply a tank on this occasion we can source ANY kind of vehicle and we're also flexible enough to provide "extras" for film without any warning at all.