Customising Customising

Bucks and Fabrication: We create any buck and fabricate any part that is required for the customer. For interior shots we can re-create a complete interior, totally outside of the car.

Peelcote painting: PEELCOTE is applied by our specialist spray shop, and is simply peeled off to reveal the original colour and finish that remains unaffected underneath the remarkable PEELCOTE treatment.

  • Showroom finish, undetectable to the eye or to touch
  • One car can be filmed or photographed in 2 colours during one shoot
  • Standard, Metallic or Customised finishes are available
  • Vehicle retains its full retail value
  • Any sized vehicle is undertaken - including large trucks (HGVs)
  • All colours available - even next year’s


Vehicle wrapping:  need a logo, decal, picture or full body wrap? we can provide and then

remove after the event to leave the car in its original condition. 

check out this Renault video

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