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A Tight Squeeze

A few years ago, we were asked to get the new Hyundai 140 into the Saatchi gallery for the launch. That meant taking it up some steps and through a narrow door. Here’s what we did…

We’re used to solving tricky problems when it comes to transporting cars and presenting them at their best.

In this case, the first challenge was how to get the car up the steps into the building. No problem. We laid a ramp and drove it up that way.

Next challenge. How to get the car through a narrow door. With a bit of lateral thinking (literally!), we turned it on its side and safely inched it through.

Final challenge. Get it out again.

Having been in the business of transporting cars for film and media for nearly 50 years, we have plenty of experience in dealing with tricky situations.

By the way, we don’t just transport cars to and from locations around the world. We also:

• Provide technicians and precision drivers
• Have a network of professional partners, for example, to wrap cars and transform their appearance
• Have a positive approach to problem-solving

As you can see, the Hyundai campaign slogan was “New thinking, new possibilities”. We like to think that’s what we brought to the project – maybe we could do that for you too!

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