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Are you passionate about working with cars?

Ever since the invention of the internal combustion engine some people have had such an intense a love affair with cars that there was little likelihood of their being interested in a career that did not involve working with them in one way or another.

There are many options from the most obvious of becoming a car mechanic working in a garage to selling new vehicles in a showroom.

Becoming a designer with one of the leading brands is another attractive option but it is also a very difficult path to follow. Competition for places on design courses is intense and requires a surprising set of skills, starting with the essential ability to draw and sketch in 2-D.

You must also be numerate in order to be able to handle the basic calculations involved in engineering such as 3D volumes, aerodynamics or model scales. These days also you will need to be able to handle computer aided design (CAD). Courses tend to last three to four years and may include a year’s internship in a design studio.

However, if none of these appeals there are other ways of working with cars and one of these is in specialist companies that source, customise and transport cars for promotional and film events, and race meetings.

Often such companies provide opportunities for long-distance travel as well as employing mechanics capable of stripping down a car perhaps so that the engine or interior can be revealed for a show, “customising” the outside of a vehicle with a wrap for a particular promotion, or moving a vehicle into a difficult, confined space, such as the interior of a gallery or department store for display.

Sometimes a job will involve moving a fragile plasticine or clay model in an enclosed, temperature controlled transport, getting it into position at the destination and then returning it undamaged at the end of its appearance.

Quite often there is an element of confidentiality in a job. A movie director will not want the car created for a particular movie revealed beforehand and nor will the manufacturer want to reveal their latest concept car to their competitors ahead of its first appearance at the annual motor shows.

Working for this kind of vehicle sourcing and transportation company can require a variety of skills, including precision driving, HGV driving and motor mechanics. It can be an interesting and varied career, involving everything from high-end luxury cars to classics in locations all over the world, from movie sets, to motor shows and trade exhibitions.

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