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As Seen On TV

One of the main things we do is transport vehicles for advertising purposes. As a result, you’ve probably seen some of our recent work on a screen near you…

Despite what’s happening elsewhere in this weird old world, the covered vehicle transport business is still going strong.

Here are a few examples of projects we’ve worked on recently:

1. We delivered the Grandland X and Crossland X to create the muddy boots advert for Vauxhall.

Zak Emerson | Vauxhall Crossland X - Muddy Boots from Merman on Vimeo.

2. If you watch Premiership football on Sky, look out for the Sky ident promotions at the beginning and end of the adverts – yes, we worked on those too. So don’t go off and make a cup of tea and miss them!

3. Ad for McDonalds that we’ve only just finished so it’s still in production.

4. Film shoot for India for the MG Glosters and MG Hectors. These cars were flown in for us to carry out the advert, one of which was held in North Mymms Park. Thank fully this was not too far away as these are big cars. Once we had finished they were then flown back to India.

As you can tell, we’re regularly chosen by a range of big brands thanks to our years of experience and problem-solving approach.

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