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Business As Usual

Have you been wondering how we’ve coped during lockdown? Here’s an update. In summary, we’re doing OK. Thank you for asking.

As you can imagine, a transport business like ours came to a sudden halt when travel restrictions were applied earlier this year.

April and May were a write-off, and all our drivers were furloughed.

In June, we were busy catching up with the backlog that had accrued.

We’ve delivered corporate cars to Holland, France and Belgium, and took 8 Lotus to a Caffeine Machine event in Worcester. An Indian MG shoot that was due in March has now also been done.

July is looking quite buoyant. In just three weeks, we did more work for one of our major customers than in the three months prior to lockdown!

In August, we’re due to do a shoot with Thierry Henri (if travel permits), and have transported another customers electric van to meet the Transport Minister.

Events are starting to appear in the calendar. Goodwood maybe happening on a scaled down basis, and there’s talk of a roadshow for other customers in September and October.

Obviously, lots of covered transport companies will be chasing the business. We want to reassure you that we’re in a prime position to help.


All our drivers are back now, on the new on/off furlough system. Obviously, we have all the right kit and proper Covid procedures in place, so we’re prepared, ready and waiting to help you.

Remember we’re all about problem-solving. Here’s a reminder of a few of the things we’ve achieved:

• Turned a Hyundai i40 on its side to get it through a narrow gallery door
• Moved a Mercedes GLA down a lift-shaft into a salt mine
• Drove a Smart car onto a disused railway track for the launch
• Safely transported minis across precarious ramps into a hotel
• Used cranes to deliver Seats to White City at Shepherds Bush


Peter McCallum (the big boss) says: “I’m happy that various bodies have given us the support we need. The government furlough scheme has helped, and we’re making use of our Covid loan.

It’s been an interesting time and we’ll have to wait and see what happens next.

We’re decent people who do a decent job with skill and expertise. I’m full of Vitamin D and have lots of irons in lots of fires, so I’m feeling realistically positive!”

If you want to move high value or hush-hush vehicles anywhere in the world, give us a call on 01727 836773.

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