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Cars in Camera on tour, Spring/Summer 2023

Spring and summer has finally arrived! With the new season, we’ve been extra busy. Please read our new article to find out what we’ve been up to recently…

It’s been a little while since we posted an update, so there’s plenty to report. As always, we’ve been moving a range of valuable and prestige vehicles across Europe to various rallies and events.

One of those was the Vernasca Silverflag in Italy. Doesn’t our truck look good against that backdrop?! There is nothing better than a blue sky and a view of the mountains to give you a feel-good feeling.

Here are just a few of the amazing high-profile and vintage vehicles we’ve transported so far this summer.

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We’ve also travelled over to Rab in Croatia to collect cars for return to the UK. This has taken our driver, Rob, through Slovenia, Italy, Switzerland and France. Once he returns, we’ll provide more detail about this important trip.

As you can see, we’re used to moving quite a range of vehicles safely from A to B and back again!

***The investment continues***

We’ve already told you about our investment in two new trucks. One of these is currently being fitted out in the workshop.

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Completion of the fit-out is due in July 2023, so it will soon be out on the road.

***Welcome back, Franco***

After two years away, we’re pleased to welcome Franco back to the Cars in Camera team. He might not look too happy in this picture (he’s concentrating on his driving), but we can assure you he’s glad to be back! And we’re delighted to have him.

***Next steps***

Need to move your luxury vehicles around the UK and Europe and beyond to rallies, events or photoshoots? That’s what we do best. Please get in touch for a quote.

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