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Covered Car Transport

Covered Car Transport

Covered Car Transport

Covered car transport is essential for the discreet and secure transportation of high value, classic, vintage and confidential vehicles.

Cars in Camera use wide-ranging experience to allocate the most suitable transporter from our fleet to meet your brief. Whether you are moving several vehicles or just the one, or you have specific technical requirements, we will develop the most suitable bespoke package for you.

"We have worked with Cars in Camera for years. They are trustworthy, responsive and agile in their service."

Ed Preston

Cars in Camera Transporter Fleet

We have a fleet of covered car transporters for transportation of high value, prestigious and vintage cars locally, to Europe and beyond. Working with partners throughout the world, our vehicle sizes range from single-car carriers through to six-car carriers.

All of our transporters are fitted with winches to allow the movement of non-running cars or prototypes, and shallow loading angles to ensure that cars with the smallest of ground clearance can be loaded without the risk of damage. Within our fleet we also have a hybrid truck, used for deliveries in urban areas.

In keeping with our professional standards, Cars in Camera drivers are uniformed and have extensive experience of the industry sectors that we operate in. All vehicles and cargos are fully insured to meet customers' requirements.

Temperature-Controlled Deliveries

Our enclosed climate control truck provides specialised, temperature-controlled transportation of automotive prototypes, non-runners, concept cars and other temperature-sensitive vehicles.

Models can be moved safely even if they are constructed of clay, plasticine, foam or any other fragile materials. A very low ground clearance and side loading cater for all requirements.

International Vehicle Transport

We provide a speedy, secure covered vehicle transport to Europe, and - through our international partners - by air and sea to Africa and The Middle East, North America, Asia, and Australasia.

International transportation is undertaken for commercial deliveries to overseas test centres and showrooms. Personal deliveries of a single vehicle for individual private clients can be arranged, for example, the transportation of a vehicle to and from holiday destinations.

We are agents for providing all the documentation for vehicle movements and equipment outside the EEC. For movements within the European Union, we are accredited by the UK Border Force for the security of returning vehicles to the UK mainland. All paperwork is taken care of, including export documents and insurance.

Vehicle Relocations

If you’re planning to relocate overseas for work permanently or temporarily, you may prefer to have your own car with you, rather than having to purchase a new one, or use a rented vehicle.

Cars in Camera can organise your vehicle relocation. Depending on the urgency, we offer a two-tier pricing system, with the top level based on exact dates of delivery, and a more flexible and cost-effective lower price level based on delivery within three or four days.

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"We have worked with Cars in Camera for years. They are trustworthy, responsive and agile in their service."

Ed Preston - Marketing Communications
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