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Enjoying the Bentley Experience

Three drivers in a hot tub! Yes, sometimes our work is more fun than it has any right to be. Scroll down to find out what they were doing.

Did you know that Bentley enthusiasts get the chance to drive their luxury cars on a tour of exciting European locations every summer? For the past four years, we have been helping to make this happen.

Each tour comprises 10 to 12 cars. If the vehicles are privately owned, we collect them from their home addresses wherever they may be, otherwise, we pick them up from UK Bentley dealers. We then take the cars to whichever airport is nearest the start of the tour. That way, they’re ready for the people who’ve booked the Bentley driving experience to pick them up as soon as they land.

Last year, they drove in convoy through Italy, ending up in Venice and staying in amazing hotels along the way. While they were enjoying their Bentley driving experience, our drivers happened to have a bit of extra time on their hands, which is how they ended up in the hot tub!

In previous years, the tour has involved travelling around Nice (France), Verbier (Switzerland) and Lake Como (Italy). That’s the fun bit.

At the end of each tour, we collect all the cars and bring them safely back to England using the transporters and trucks from our fleet.

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P.S. Don’t worry. You won’t have to see our drivers topless and steaming.

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