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European Tour: Summer 2023

We specialise in taking high-value and high-profile vehicles safely around the UK, Europe, and the world. This is just one example...

Rob recently enjoyed a round trip through 10 European countries.

It started when he transported a Hyundai vehicle from the UK through Belgium, on to Cologne to drop off some legal paperwork for the car, and then down through Cologne and Nuremberg to deliver the vehicle to Nizni Lhoty in Czechia.

The second part of his journey took him from Czechia through Slovakia, Hungary and Slovenia, because he then needed to collect six classic cars from Rab in Croatia and take them to the UK via Italy and France.

The images below show photos from his trip. (Check out how beautiful it is in Rab!)

***What this means to you***

This kind of journey is typical for our drivers. So, if you need to transport high-value or high-profile vehicles anywhere in the UK, Europe or the world, you can be confident we have the experience to make everything go smoothly. Please give us a call on 01727 836773 for a quote.

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