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Getting a mini into an awkward space

An interesting job we had recently was a request to get a mini into the Village Underground, a venue in Shoreditch.

It was an interesting logistical puzzle involving negotiating the car upstairs, downstairs and around a number of tight corners for a photo shoot.

So where does Tizer come in? Well, he’s not a drink, he’s a big bloke in a hoodie and a street artist. We got a chance to see his skills when he was commissioned to spray paint the car – on the wall.

He was at the Shoreditch venue because he had been commissioned for an article in Tatler magazine and we watched, fascinated, as some waterproofing was added to the wall and an image of the car was then added.

He told us that when he was a young teen he had been something of a drifter and found he had a talent for graffiti art. A teacher had picked up on his talent and helped him to build his confidence and self esteem.

He’s been a graffiti/Street artist since 1988. Now he not only works on commissions, for organisations like for various London councils, the Metropolitan Police and various charities but also goes into schools to talk about street art. What’s more he has a LinkedIn profile.

What do they say about never judging a book by its cover?

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