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Greek farce

We recently took a number of high-profile cars on a tour of Greece. It ended up fine, but we had to overcome several hurdles along the way…

Our years of experience in moving high-value and hush-hush vehicles stood us in good stead recently, when we did a trip to Greece.

First, we faced complexities getting through Customs. It was complicated, but we did it.

Outward bound, we’d booked our ferries, but the delays meant we didn’t know if we’d be able to catch them. Happily, we were able to board at the very last minute. If we weren’t so calm and collected, it could have been a nail-biting experience.

Our next task was to travel through Europe to collect some of the cars and take them to Greece. This is normal. Our skilled drivers are used to clocking up the miles.

On the way home, there were massive storms, and our drivers had to navigate long and winding mountain roads through lashing rain. Luckily, their precision-driving skills kept them and their precious cargo safe all the way back.

Despite all the headaches that this event threw at us, we’re pleased to say the trip was a success.

***What this means to you***

We’ve been doing this kind of work for a looooong time, but we don’t always get quite so many problems in one go. Hopefully, the next trip will be an easier one. But, even if it isn’t, you can rest assured that we’ll cope.

We transport your high-value and hush-hush vehicles wherever they need to go. Just give us a call on 01727 836773 for a free no-obligation quote

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