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Improving conditions for drivers

We recently welcomed Daisy Cooper MP and Tom Cornwell from the RHA to discuss improved conditions for truck drivers. We hope our input will help make a difference…

We are long-standing members of The Road Haulage Association (RHA). It has 8,500 members, ranging from owner-operators to those with fleets of over 1000 vehicles. They campaign on a range of subjects from speed limits to clean air zones and issues surrounding cross-border traffic.

They’ve recently launched a campaign which includes a petition to government to help improve driver facilities across the UK. The campaign focuses on improving working conditions and training, as well as raising awareness of the skills shortage and actions required.

As part of that, we had a visit from RHA Policy Lead for Infrastructure and Operator Licensing, Tom Cornwell, and Deputy Leader of the Liberal Democrats and MP for St Albans, Daisy Cooper MP.

Peter McCallum (the big boss here at Cars in Camera), told our guests about some of the issues that drivers face.

***Issues to be addressed***

There are few toilet facilities for truck drivers across the UK. It’s easier for male drivers, but even then, the options are limited. If you stop at a lay-by, there is a horrendous smell (unless there’s been rain recently).

Peter says: “Facilities desperately need to be improved, especially if we want to attract more women into the logistics sector. Women have to use petrol stations and often get quizzed: ‘Just come into use the toilet, then?'”

Even internationally where facilities are better, truck stops are often booked up. “Drivers tell me they need to be parked by 3pm in the afternoon otherwise they can’t find anywhere.”

The problem is that there aren’t enough truck stops because no-one in the UK wants trucks stopping near them. “It’s NIMBYism,” thinks Peter.

The group also discussed the UK driver shortage. Daisy said she’d look into the issue, including whether drivers could be added to the essential worker list for workers coming into the UK, as well as the increasing pressure on wages as a result of the country-wide labour shortage.

On the issue of paying drivers, Peter points out: “If we haven’t got the people, we have to look at how we are going to attract them into the roles, without necessarily driving a wage increase across the board.”

Tom Cornwell said: “It was great to meet Daisy and Peter and have an honest, open discussion around the ongoing issues affecting the industry.”

We hope our contribution to the discussion goes some way towards improving conditions for drivers.

Meanwhile, we’ll carry on uncomplainingly transporting treasured vehicles around the UK, Europe and beyond.

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