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Journey into the Future

Chelsea, one of our drivers, stars in the launch video for the new Volta Zero – an electric truck for more sustainable cities…

We’re proud to play a small part in the big launch of the first fully electric, zero-emission truck, the Volta Zero.

The team behind Volta are driven by the goal of reducing pollution, noise and accidents.

It’s the first delivery vehicle designed specifically for carrying freight and parcels around our cities while reducing carbon emissions.

Being fully electric, it’s sustainable and quiet to drive.

It’s also safer.

The truck is beautifully designed to look unintimidating, with improved comfort for the driver, a lower eyeline, and 220-degrees of visibility to help reduce accidents.

The low-carbon body panels are built from flax and biodegradable resin, developed in conjunction with the European Space Agency.

Even more amazingly, it’s taken only 15 months to produce the truck from initial drawings to launch.

***Where Cars in Camera fits in***

Volta were recommended to us by one of our other clients, and specially requested Chelsea (our female driver) to support their promotion.

Watch the first video showing Chelsea driving a Volta truck on the road:

See how expertly handles the 16-tonne vehicle! In fact, the CEO of Volta Trucks was so impressed that he’s asking her what she thinks about it and how it could be improved.

The Volta Zero is scheduled to go into production in 2022. Over the coming months, we’re taking it on a tour of France.

We’re happy to play a small part towards the decarbonisation of transport, and to help make the world a better place.

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