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Lucien’s adventures on tour

We recently wrote about our driver, Lucien Karakaya, who’s currently on a grand tour of Europe. Here are some more of his adventures…

Lucien is travelling to France, Germany, Belgium, Poland, Switzerland, Latvia and Italy, to showcase a top-secret car for one of our clients.

Last month, we wrote about the kitchen and the rolling gym he’s created on board.

Since then, he’s been sending us good news and bad news about his experiences.

***Bad news***

Lucien has recently travelled from Switzerland where it was freezing cold, to Monaco where it’s quite warm. Unfortunately, he only packed clothes for the cold weather!


While the rest of us in the UK are stuck in lockdown, unable to get our hair done because all the salons are closed, Lucien has found that the South of France appears to be open. He found a barber in Nice and told him: “I’ve driven 3,500 miles for a haircut so it had better be good!”


These examples give you a tiny insight into a driver’s life. We’ve been moving cars around for corporate, film and promotional purposes for over 45 years, so we’re used to just about every possible eventuality.

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