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May/June: Yet more scenic tours of Europe

We're delighted to report that the European work keeps coming in, taking our drivers to some gorgeous destinations.

We're lucky. We deal with gorgeous cars and travel to fantastic places.

During April and May, our drivers were delivering and collecting cars in mainland Europe as usual – at one point we had five drivers over there at the same time.

One driver, Paul, spent a total of 7 weeks transporting two Lotus cars to various showrooms in historic parts of Italy including Rome, Bari, Lallio, Castelletto Ticino, Padova, Milan, Rivoli and Firenze/Florence.

Chris, another of our drivers, transported two McLarens to Lake Como in Italy.

We certainly cover a lot of miles/kilometres!

Below are photos of the cars and some stunning scenery (then scroll down for more info)...

Despite the photo gallery, we're not travel agents! And we're not selling cars!

What we do is move cars to and from where you want them to go, in a safe, secure and secret way.

This month (June), we have a further 3 drivers about to embark on a trip Verona, Italy and Tyrol, Austria to transport various vehicles out to the 28th Vernasca Silver Flag event which will be held 21/06/2024 - 23/06/2024.

***What this means to you***

We're lucky! You're lucky too.

It means when you choose Cars in Camera to transport your high-end and hush-hush vehicles around the UK, Europe and the world, you can trust that we have the experience to do so. We can also provide expert drivers, such as for car launches and ad campaigns.

For more information, please give us a call on 01727 836773.

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