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Mission Statement

What we endeavour to achieve

1.0 What we do

Transport of specialist vehicles and provision of support services to the automotive, film and advertising industries, and commercial and personal customers.

2.0 Our Vision

To become the carrier of choice for the customers that we serve whilst retaining our Company values and approach.

3.0 Our Customer Focus

We specialise in services that create a better working environment.
We provide Total Service Management, including product delivery, installation and maintenance, and flexible service arrangements to suit all needs and budgets.
We provide a fast, friendly, and professional service from staff.
We are customer focused but sales driven.
Our Quality Policy

Our Quality Management System underpins everything that we do for our customers. As a company we are committed to:

Setting quality objectives that enables us to meet customer requirements and wherever possible enhance customer satisfaction
Satisfying all applicable requirements whether these be customer, regulatory or industry based that affect the delivery of services to our customers
Continual improvement of our quality management system through regular monitoring of its performance, planned internal and UKAS accredited external audits, and management reviews
Communicating this Policy and the importance of meeting customer, statutory and regulatory requirements to our staff and others involved in delivering services to our customers
4.0 Our People Focus

We believe our sustainable competitive advantage is having better people than the competition. More carefully selected. With significant investment in training and development and highly competitive rewards and recognition to assist retention of the best people talent.

We believe in our businesses focusing on their specialist areas to ensure our people are the best at what they do. However, we foster the sharing of knowledge and experience between staff throughout the businesses to support continual improvement.

Our Values

The values that will ensure that we deliver superior service to customers and colleagues are that Cars in Camera staff will work as a team to ensure the highest level of professionalism is delivered, being honest with ourselves and our customers so that we are trusted as an organisation to do the right thing regarding legislation, the environment, our customers and staff.


Doing what we say
Always focusing on the customer
Taking ownership and responsibility
Acting with integrity

Keeping our promises
Acting responsibly
Respecting the environment
Solving problems pro-actively

Being straight talking and genuine
Acknowledging mistakes and putting things right
Asking for regular feedback
Sharing ideas

Developing effective solutions
Cooperating with and supporting one another
Taking pride in what we do
Respecting one another
5.0 Our Environmental Focus

Cars in Camera is committed to minimising the impact of its activities upon the environment. We operate according to the principle of 'sustainable development', allowing us to meet current needs without harming the environment or squandering resources in such a way as to prejudice the ability of future generations to meet theirs.

6.0 Our Health & Safety Focus

Health and safety is a vital consideration in all our activities and is viewed by management as a binding commitment to all employees and customers, we therefore maintain a safe working environment within our own buildings and ensure that safe working practices are adopted when working on our customers premises.

In addition, our health and safety systems have been developed to exceed basic legal requirements and we regularly train managers in relation to their health and safety obligations.

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"We have worked with Cars in Camera for years. They are trustworthy, responsive and agile in their service."

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