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New year, new starters, new baby

Every new year is a good time for a new start. In this article, you’ll meet two new members of our team, and learn how a new baby almost threw a spanner in the works…

We had an eventful 2021, as we’re sure most companies did. Work began to take off mid-year, and quickly got so busy that we decided to take on more staff.

***Meet Abigail***

Abigail started here at the end of October to help with admin in the office. She can speak four languages: Italian, English, Spanish and Ghanaian. We suspect this might be very useful when dealing with foreign customs offices.

Before joining us, she was a document clerk at Iron Mountain. There, her role was making sure all documents were totally accurate and correct – this leads quite nicely into working for Cars in Camera where accuracy is also paramount.

Previously, Abigail worked at Amazon for a few months after finishing university in June 2020.

Charlotte started in December. She used to work at Gist where she was a transport co-ordinator. Before that, EV Cargo, where she assisted with organising the transport of trucks.

Even though this is the first time she has worked with cars, her experience and background knowledge mean she fits in well.

Poor Charlotte was completely thrown in at the deep end and has had to pick things up as she goes along. This was for a very good reason which you’ll discover in the next section…

***Gorgeous Baby George***

The wonderful Katie was due to go on maternity leave at the end of December, which would have meant she’d have time to give Charlotte all the training she needed.

However, baby George had other ideas and appeared 12 weeks early, on 14 November, weighing only 2lb – less than the weight of a bag of sugar.

Happily, he’s now doing very well at 5lb 2oz, and will hopefully be out of hospital in the next couple of weeks.

***What this means to you***

Things don’t always go to plan (especially when it comes to babies!), but the dedicated team at Cars in Camera will ensure that your deliveries are managed as smoothly effectively as possible.

Need covered car transport? Just give us a call on 01727 836773 for a free no-obligation quote.

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