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November has flown by

Can you believe year-end is almost in sight? This article includes a few of our achievements in November. As always, we were travelling all over Europe and the UK to transport high-value vehicles safely...

***Rolls Royce to Pisa***

At the end of October, we received a last-minute request to transport a Rolls Royce to Pisa and back. This took us through France ("Bonjour") and Northern Italy ("Ciao"), returning to London ("Hello") after a short tour.

For more on this, please see last month's article 'Passage to Paris and Pisa'.

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***UK trips: England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland***

November took us to every corner of the UK.

England ("Hello again"): During the last two weeks, we've been remarkable busy, regularly transporting Lotus Emiras and Aston Martins to Liverpool and Southampton Docks for onward export around the world.

Scotland ("Halò"): We took a Lotus to Glasgow and BMW I7s to the Luxury Car Village – this is a one-stop-shop destination for Europe's luxury car brands, and has the best test-drive routes in Scotland.

Wales ("Helô"): We transported fleet cars to various destinations in Wales, including Bridgend, Cardiff and the Vale of Glamorgan.

Northern Ireland ("What's the craic"): Marks & Spencer's booked us to transport their 'Eat Well, Play Well, Citroen van across the Irish Sea to Belfast for an event at the Culloden Estate and Spa. This was in conjunction with the home nations Football Associations.

***What this means to you***

As you can tell, we are experienced at transporting all types of valued vehicles safely to and from their destinations. Please call 01727 836773 if you'd like our help to transport yours.

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