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Petroleum is dead!

At least, it is for the new all-electric Vauxhall Corsa-e. Vauxhall are one of our long-standing clients, and we helped create the ‘tombstone’ TV ad. Here’s the behind-the-scenes story.

As you may know, Vauxhall has often traded on its British heritage in its advertising, showing cars and vans that are red, white and blue.

For the Switch It Up campaign, we had to get one of the cars wrapped in the right colour before the shoot. (Yes, we can organise that sort of thing through our trusted partners.)

The ad was shot in Slovenia – it’s a great location.

We sent our trucks to collect the cars – one from the UK, two newly made from GM Opel’s Rüsselsheim am Main factory in Germany. The fourth was delivered direct from Marseille, France, where it had been used in another shoot.

We also flew one of our expert technicians to Slovenia. On site, our drivers and technicians are responsible for keeping the cars in pristine condition, taking off doors and removing seats if necessary to allow access to cameras, and acting as precision drivers. For example, watch the amazing parking at 0:40!

Afterwards, of course we have to return the cars safely to where they belong.

As you can tell, we have much experience in this kind of work, and it’s been fascinating to watch the evolution of Vauxhall ads over time.

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RIP petroleum? Long live Cars in Camera!

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