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The big reveal!

Our driver, Lucien Karakaya, is currently touring Europe for a major car launch. Read on to discover more about the car, and more than you ever wanted to know about him…

We can finally reveal the top-secret car that Lucien has been helping to promote.

It’s a gorgeous new McLaren. Here it is.

The car was unveiled in Barcelona on 17th/18th February. Since then, Lucien has taken it to Munich, Hockenheim, Hamburg and Dusseldorf. He’s currently in Utrect.

But the roadshow doesn’t end there. Next, he’s is travelling to Geneva, Zurich and Lugano, returning to the UK (hopefully) on 26th March.

That will make a total of 11 weeks away, including 20 cities.

The other ‘reveal’ is this shot he sent us showing himself off in the rooftop pool at his hotel in Barcelona.

Michaela (our office manager) is a bit jealous, stuck at her desk in Radlett!

She said: “Easy life if you can get it.”

The truth is, being away from home for so long isn’t easy. And Lucien has certainly racked up the miles on this trip.

Luckily, like all our drivers, he likes driving! He’s very good at it too.


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