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Two Peters are better than one

We've gone into partnership with Straight Eight Logistics – this brings the group to three, and enables us to serve all our clients better.

Two Peters? One is Peter McCallum who runs Cars in Camera and ACH Special Vehicles Ltd. The other is Peter Bonham Christie, Director of Straight Eight Logistics.

Our Peter explained his immediate focus: “One of the key issues is breathing life back into Straight Eight Logistics. Unlike other companies who work for businesses, many of its customers are private individuals who were affected by Covid. Things are starting to take off as travel restrictions and the implications of Brexit are being simplified.”

Peter Bonham Christie says: “Peter McCallum brings years of knowledge about trucks, drivers and legislation. With him on board, I can spend more time looking after client needs and less time worrying about scheduling issues”.

The pair have known each other for years.

Peter B C added: “Peter and I have worked together for longer than I can remember, and we merged our skillsets. Since then, the business has gone from strength to strength and finally things are picking up once more.”

With the combined resources of all three companies, we are now running more than 30 trucks all over the UK and Europe. We can cover between each another, and have specialists in all areas who can help with transporting your treasured vehicles around the UK, Europe and beyond.

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"We have worked with Cars in Camera for years. They are trustworthy, responsive and agile in their service."

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