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We live for a bit of excitement in our lives

We were recently asked by a US film maker to make an advert for Infiniti Cars in Valencia in Spain and the cars were due to be flown in from America.

With a carefully choreographed seven-day schedule which included permissions to film a simulated F1 race on the streets of Valencia and camera crews booked, it all started to look as though it was about to go horribly pear-shaped when the cars were bounced off their plane while our chap was on his way to Barcelona to collect them.

We had to divert him to Frankfurt and fly a second driver out to ensure that the schedule could be met.

We also had to fly another chap out to Geneva to drive the only suitable Infiniti in Europe to Valencia for the filming.

Despite all the schedule was accomplished on time and the ad is now being shown in the USA.

Obstacles overcome, Mission accomplished, and as we’ve said before, we love it when a plan comes together.

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