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What happens on tour…

You might know the phrase ‘what happens on tour stays on tour’. Here, you can find out exactly what one of our drivers gets up to when he’s away from home…

We’ve previously mentioned Lucien Karakaya – you might remember he was the first winner of our ‘Employee of the month’ award, and we named it after him.

Anyway, Lucien recently left the UK for a mammoth tour of Europe, to showcase a top-secret car that we can’t tell you anything about. It’s being launched in March.

What we can tell you is that overseas roadshows like this as not as easy as they used to be. To be honest, they were never easy, but we’ve done this kind of thing for a looooong time, so we know exactly what we’re doing.

What’s new is that Lucien needed to get a Covid-negative test result before he left the UK. Also, post-Brexit, there’s a lot more paperwork to complete.

Luckily, he passed the test, and we’re on top of all the admin.

The route takes in France, Germany, Belgium, Poland, Switzerland, Latvia and Italy, and Lucien has experienced all types of weather.

In order to keep fit on the road, he’s kitted out the back of the truck to act as a rolling gym (when the car isn’t on board, obviously).

Rather than eat out all the time, Lucien also does his own healthy cooking on board the truck. He calls it “Hell’s Kitchen’!

Here’s a screenshot for a video he took while making a stir fry at one scenic stop. All he needs now is Gordon Ramsey to turn up and tell him off about his cooking

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