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Who, What, Witt!

Congratulations to Jeff Witt for being our September ‘employee of the month’. Read on to discover more about him and his career to date…

Our press driver, Jeff Witt, attracts favourable comments from our corporate clients, who describe him as “a lovely charming man”.

He’s been with Cars in Camera since 2016 when we took over the work of his previous employer, Ontime. Jeff was one of three press drivers there, and he is the one who has stuck with us.

His main job is to deliver cars to journalists, influencers and bloggers so they can try them out. For example, he has taken lots of cars to Top Gear. He’ll collect the vehicles a couple of days/weeks later.

A highly experienced driver, he’s been moving BMWs for press purposes since 1985. In his words, he “started at the tender age of 10 in short trousers”.

Since then, Jeff has been through many changes of employer in the press driving world. He started with National Carriers and then Excel Logistics who were taken over by DHL and then Ceva before he was TUPE’d across to Ontime and then us.


Employee of the month is our new recognition scheme. We introduced it to help boost morale and thank our team, especially during this time of uncertainty and on-and-off lockdowns. Basically, we believe in looking after our employees, because, by doing that, they’ll do a better job for you.

To catch up with our previous ‘employees of the month’, please see our article: Who’s the winner?

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