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Who’s The Winner

One of the things all staff appreciate is recognition. That’s why we introduced our new ‘employee of the month’ scheme. Scroll down to meet the first three winners …


Dennis has been with us for more years than we can remember. As such, he is a constant support to our younger, less experienced drivers.

He hails from Cornwall, and Peter often says: “If we send him down to Cornwall for a job, he might never come back”.

For the last month and a half, Dennis has been out every weekday and most nights to complete the contract we have with BCA.

This hasn’t dented his sense of humour, and he was awarded ‘employee of the month’ to show our appreciation for his ever-jolly disposition.


Chelsea is our only female driver.

She learned how to drive trucks because her love of horses meant she was always transporting them from A to B.

She’s been with us for two years and is equally loved by customers and colleagues thanks to her can-do attitude.

She was granted the Award in July for her total commitment, and because she approaches every job with a smile – even when we change her routes at short notice (which can sometimes happen on a daily basis).


Lucien was the first recipient of the Employee of The Month Award (which is why it’s now known fondly as the Karakaya Cup).

One of the reasons we picked him as our first winner because no job is ever too big for him to tackle. In fact, he thrives on travelling abroad for our customers.

For the past two months, Lucien has been driving cars up and down the length and breadth of the UK for BCA – one of our new customers.

He has been with Cars in Camera for three years. Before that, he was a Royal Marine. It seems one of their slogans is ‘Nothing stands in our way’ – maybe that’s why he was attracted to join us, since that’s the same problem-solving attitude we have here too.


When you’re choosing a supplier, it’s good to know they treat their employees well.

We believe the effort we put into looking after our people reflects in the level of service received by our customers.

For a no-obligation quote for secure transport of high value or hush hush vehicles, just give us a call on 01727 836773.

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